Formed in 2006, was a coalition of the McLean Chamber of Commerce, community and business leaders, and concerned citizens formed with the goal of creating a fair and competitive bidding process for the Metrorail extension to Dulles International Airport and reopening consideration of a tunnel option for the Tysons Corner project portion. As part of an already strong print advertising and community outreach campaign, Ephraim Schum concepted, wrote the script, and provided in-studio voice acting for a 30-second, drive time radio commercial.

Production Brief

Gender: Male (all voices)
Length: 00:30
Target Demographic: General (all audiences)
Character: Male neighbors (30s-50s)
Announcer: Male (30s-40s)
Vocal Direction: Male 1 (energetic, inquisitive), Male 2 (gritty, nonchalant, Brooklyn roots)
Suggested Effects: Lawn mower, birds, backyard/outdoor noises

Voice Script

[Male 1]: Hey Jack, you ever get that leaky sink fixed?

[Male 2]: Yeah, it cost me five-thousand dollars.

[Male 1]: Five-thousand dollars? That’s crazy! Didn’t you get competitive bids?

[Male 2]: Nah…I just called one company and they said, that was the price.

[Male Announcer]: If competitive bidding makes sense for a leaky sink, what about Metrorail to Dulles, the largest public transportation project in America? Don’t let Richmond throw your money down the drain. Learn more at It’s Not Over, til It’s Under!