Transforming Trans-Boro

Schum Creative works with Milestone Outdoor to produce new wall advertising and logo art for an established Brooklyn-based heating oil and boiler service company.

Trans-Boro Fuel Oil truck logo

Photos of Trans-Boro’s trucks served as a guide when redrawing their logo.

In early December 2015, Milestone Outdoor of Brooklyn, NY called on us for the design of hand-painted wall advertising for Trans-Boro Fuel Oil Co. Since 1955, Trans-Boro has been family owned and operated, providing heating oil and boiler service to a large number of Brooklyn area residents and commercial businesses. Though they are an established and successful company, they wanted greater exposure around their central dispatch location in Brooklyn in the form of hand-painted advertising. Milestone Outdoor has numerous advertising locations in and around Brooklyn and has brought advertising campaigns to life in paint for clients of all sizes.

Trans-Boro base linework

The logo is redrawn from scratch and baselines are created for colorizing.

Typically when working with hand-painted advertising, the need for scalable art files is necessary to achieve the best quality during production and subsequent application. It’s not unusual for a client to provide versions of their logo to us in low-resolution digital files, but they typically can locate high-resolution versions in their digital archives. Other than on their delivery trucks, Trans-Boro’s logo wasn’t used on any other company communications and we quickly found that they didn’t have any digital versions in their possession. They were resorting to printing standard text with their company name on sales orders and business cards.

Artwork for Trans-Boro's logo

New digital color and black versions of Trans-Boro’s logo

This presented the perfect opportunity for us to create their logo from scratch using only resource photos of the logo on the backs of their trucks as a guide. Digital artwork was drawn for the logo and their first wall advertising was then created. We kept the artwork flexible so that bordering elements could be changed from season to season—the first being winter 2016. We then created a mock-up sample of their wall to demonstrate how it would appear in its final form, before going to paint.

Trans-Boro has a fresh new ad that can be changed as needed. The high visibility, on a corner of the bustling borough, serves to remind passersby of their longevity and the excellent service they continue to provide. And, to add to the value provided by this project, Trans-Boro can now use their newly created digital logo files for their ongoing marketing collateral.

Digital mockup version of artwork prior to final production and painting.

Digital mock-up version of artwork prior to final production and painting.

The base layer background is applied.

The base layer background is applied.

Wall painters begin filling

Line work is rendered and then filled by wall painters.

The painting is complete.

The painting is complete.