One sunny Saturday, while sitting at a Baltimore Orioles game, we started shelling peanuts and before long we were completely distracted by the individuality of each one. We decided to have a little fun as the game dragged on scoreless inning to scoreless inning. As we picked each peanut from the bag, we gave it its rightful place in history. Most of the names we had forgotten until someone suggested giving Virginia peanuts to clients as gifts. We created a special label and packaged a few tins. And now, a few moments in peanut history.

Peanut of Willendorf

Peanut of Willendorf (c. 24,000 BC)

The Nutivity Scene

The Nutivity Scene (c. 0?)

Nuticelli's, "The Birth of Peanuts"

Nuticelli’s, “The Birth of Peanuts” (c. 1485)

Dr. Signut Freud

Dr. Signut Freud discusses, “Peanut Envy” (c. 1922)

The Peatles

The Peatles (c. 1963)

Astronut Nut Armstrong

Astronut Nut Armstrong (c. 1969)

To pea continued…